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    Overview of Broadband Gateway Uplink Payload Packet Flow

    The MobileNext Broadband Gateway uses interface Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs) or Dense Port Concentrators (DPCs) to handle all uplink user payload packet flow requests from user equipment. All user traffic flows through the anchor interface MPC or DPC. In this example, the mobile and packet network interfaces are all housed in MPCs.

    Figure 1: Broadband Gateway Uplink User Packet Flow

    Broadband Gateway Uplink User Packet

    After the GPRS tunneling protocol control (GTP-C) packets establish a session, Figure 1 shows the next four steps that the uplink user payload GTP user plane (GTP-U) packets take through the broadband gateway:

    • 5. An attached user equipment device sends an uplink payload GTP-U packet to a mobile interface on the broadband gateway.
    • 6. The interface MPC sends the GTP-U packet to the interface MPC chosen during the control phase to anchor the user session data flow. The anchor MPC performs all subscriber-specific access control, policing, statistic gathering, and other parameters set for the subscriber based on the inner IP address in the GTP-U packet.
    • 7. The anchor interface MPC sends the user packet to the uplink MPC that leads to the correct IP packet network.
    • 8. The uplink interface MPC sends the user payload packet to the IP network on the Gi or SGi interface.

    Published: 2011-11-18