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    Understanding Broadband Gateway IP Fragment Handling

    The MobileNext Broadband Gateway handles IP packet fragments differently than packets containing a single segment or datagram.

    It is most efficient to process GPRS tunneling protocol (GTP) and IP packets immediately, as they arrive at the broadband gateway. Typically, a hardware data path is used to transfer packets to and from the anchor session Dense Port Concentrator (DPC) (for the control plane) or the interface Packet Forwarding Engine (for the data plane). However, fragmented packets require complete reassembly before processing can begin, because upper layer (Layer 4 and above) information will be missing in all but the first fragment. You can control many of the parameters associated with the fragment reassembly process.

    You can configure the time interval that the anchor session DPCs wait for fragments to arrive. You can also configure the maximum number of packets that can be waiting for fragments. Both of these methods prevent the session DPCs from waiting for fragments that might never arrive.

    Published: 2011-11-16