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    Understanding GTP-U Error Exception Handling

    The MobileNext Broadband Gateway processes GPRS tunneling protocol, user plane (GTP-U) packets with errors in a distinctly different way from non-errored packets, and treats two type of errors differently.

    The broadband gateway generates error indications based on two major GTP-U Tunnel Endpoint Identifier (TEID) errors:

    • Invalid group TEID
    • Invalid TEID

    The broadband gateway assigns a TEID to all GTP packets and uses the TEID to associate all traffic belonging to the same tunnel and map one section of a tunnel to another. In addition, TEIDs can be grouped so that all sessions (contexts or bearers) can share the same group TEID for charging or other purposes.

    The GTP-U error indication can be caused by an invalid individual or group TEID. In both cases, the session DPC sends the error indication back to the source.

    The rate of GTP-U error indications is throttled at all steps to prevent storms of invalid TEID messages.

    Published: 2011-11-16