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    Access Point Name (APN)

    Configuration Statements

    [edit interfaces mif] Hierarchy Level

    [edit routing-instance system] Hierarchy Level

    [edit unified-edge] Hierarchy Level

    [edit unified-edge aaa] Hierarchy Level

    [edit unified-edge cos-cac] Hierarchy Level

    [edit unified-edge gateways] Hierarchy Level

    [edit unified-edge local-policies] Hierarchy Level

    aaa-override (APN Address Assignment)

    aaa-profile (APN)

    aaa (APN Address Assignment)

    address-assignment (APN)

    allow-static-ip-address (APN Address Assignment)

    anonymous-user (APN)


    apn-name (Service Selection Profiles)





    charging (APN)

    charging-characteristics (Service Selection Profiles)

    default-profile (APN)

    description (APN)

    dhcp-proxy-client (APN Address Assignment)

    dhcpv4-proxy-client-profile (APN Address Assignment)

    dhcpv6-proxy-client-profile (APN Address Assignment)

    dns-server (APN)

    exclude-pools (APN Address Assignment)

    exclude-v6pools (APN Address Assignment)

    family (Mobile Interface)

    filter (Mobile Interface)

    from (Service Selection Profiles)

    group (APN Address Assignment)

    home-profile (APN)

    idle-timeout (APN)

    idle-timeout-direction (APN)

    imei (Service Selection Profiles)

    imsi (Service Selection Profiles)

    inet-pool (APN Address Assignment)

    inet6-pool (APN Address Assignment)

    input (Mobile Interface)


    interfaces (Mobile Interface)

    inter-mobile-traffic (APN)

    local (APN Address Assignment)

    local-policy-profile (APN)

    local-policy-profile (MobileNext Broadband Gateway)

    logical-system (APN Address Assignment)

    maximum-bearers (APN)

    maximum-bearers (MobileNext Broadband Gateway)

    maximum-bearers (Service Selection Profiles)

    mobile-interface (APN)

    msisdn (Service Selection Profiles)

    mtu (Mobile Interface)

    nbns-server (APN)

    no-address-verify (APN Address Assignment)

    output (Mobile Interface)

    p-cscf (APN)

    pdn-type (Service Selection Profiles)

    peer (Service Selection Profiles)

    peer-routing-instance (Service Selection Profiles)

    pool (APN Address Assignment)

    pool-name (APN Address Assignment)

    preemption (MobileNext Broadband Gateway)

    profile (Service Selection Profiles)

    profile-name (APN Address Assignment)

    profile-selection-order (APN)

    redirect-peer (Service Selection Profiles)

    roamer-profile (APN)

    routing-instance (APN Address Assignment)

    restriction-value (APN)

    selection-mode (APN)

    service-selection-profile (APN)


    session-timeout (APN)

    term (Service Selection Profiles)

    then (Service Selection Profiles)

    unit (Mobile Interface)

    verify-source-address (APN)

    visited-profile (APN)

    wait-accounting (APN)