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How to Enable and Configure Junos OS in FIPS Mode—Overview


You, as Crypto Officer, can enable and configure Junos OS in FIPS mode on your NFX250 device.

Before you begin enabling and configuring FIPS mode on the NFX250 device:

To enable and configure Junos OS in FIPS mode, perform the following tasks. Follow the links for instructions.

  1. Install the Junos OS Release 20.1R1image, if you have not already done so. See Downloading and Installing Junos Software Packages (FIPS Mode).
  2. Establish root password access according to FIPS guidelines. See Establishing Root Password Access (FIPS Mode).
  3. Enable FIPS mode, and commit. See Enabling NFX250 device to FIPS Mode.
  4. Configure local login authentication for Crypto Officer access and other FIPS users. See Configuring Crypto Officer and FIPS User Identification and Access.

After you as the Crypto Officer complete Junos OS in FIPS mode configuration, you can connect the NFX250 device to the network and proceed with normal configuration.

Configuring JDM in FIPS mode:

  • After you logon to NFX250 FIPS mode, by default, you will be in vjunos0. You can log on to JDM using ssh jdm command from vjunos0. You can configure JDM CLI commands from JDM.