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How to Enable and Configure Junos OS in FIPS Mode of Operation


You, as Cryptographic Officer, can enable and configure Junos OS in FIPS mode of operation on your device. Before you begin enabling and configuring FIPS mode of operation on the device:

To enable the Junos OS in FIPS mode of operation, perform the following steps:

  1. Zeroize the device before enabling FIPS mode of operation

    user@host> request system zerioze hypervisor

  2. Enable the FIPS mode on the device.

    user@host# set system fips level 2

  3. Remove the CSPs on commit check and reboot the device.

    user@host# commit

  4. Run integrity and self-tests on powering on the device when the module is operating in FIPS mode.
  5. Configure IKEv2 when AES-GCM is used for encryption of IKE and/or IPSec.
  6. Ensure that the backup image of the firmware is also a JUNOS-FIPS image by issuing the request system snapshot command.

The show configuration security ike and show configuration security ipsec commands display the approved and configured IKE/IPsec configuration for the device operating in FIPS-approved mode.

The fips keyword next to the hostname in the output indicates that the module is operating in FIPS mode for Junos Software Release 19.2R1.

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