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Verifying Secure Delivery of the Product


Use the following checklists to verify the secure delivery of your Juniper Networks product:

Verifying Product Integrity

To ensure that you received a product that was not tampered with, perform the following checks upon receipt of your Juniper Networks product to verify its integrity:

  • Shipping label—Ensure that the shipping label correctly identifies your correct customer name and address as well as the Juniper Networks product you ordered.

  • Outside packaging—Inspect the outside shipping box and tape. Ensure that the shipping tape has not been cut or otherwise compromised. Ensure that the box has not been cut or damaged to allow access to the product.

  • Inside packaging—Inspect the plastic bag and seal. Ensure that the bag is not cut or removed. Ensure that the seal is intact.

If you identify a problem during the inspection, immediately contact the supplier and provide the order number, tracking number, and a description of the problem.

Verifying Product Authenticity

Perform the following checks upon receipt of your Juniper Networks product to verify its authenticity:

  • Verify that the product was ordered using a purchase order. Juniper Networks products are never shipped without a purchase order.

  • When a product is shipped, a shipment notification is sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer when the order is taken. Verify that this e-mail notification was received. Verify that the e-mail contains the following information:

    • Purchase order number

    • Juniper Networks order number used to track the shipment

    • Carrier tracking number used to track the shipment

    • List of items shipped, including serial numbers

    • Address and contacts of both the supplier and the customer

  • Perform the following additional checks to ensure that the box you received was sent by Juniper Networks and not a different company masquerading as Juniper Networks. To verify that a shipment was initiated by Juniper Networks:

    • Compare the carrier tracking number of the Juniper Networks order number listed in the Juniper Networks shipping notification with the tracking number on the package you received.

    • Log in to the Juniper Networks online customer support portal at to view the order status.