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Downloading and Installing Junos OS Software Packages (FIPS Mode)


MX Series routers or EX Series Ethernt switches can provide the security defined by Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1. To operate in Junos OS in FIPS mode, the router or switch must have the following software packages installed:

  • Junos FIPS mode, Release 17.3R2

To install the Junos software packages, perform the following tasks:

  1. Download the Junos OS package and the Junos-FIPS software package from
  2. Connect locally to the active Routing Engine console port on the router or switch.
  3. Copy Junos OS to the Routing Engine.
  4. Upgrade the router or switch to Junos OS in FIPS mode by using the request system software add reboot junos-install-mx-x86-64-17.3R2.tgz command for MX Series routers and request system software add reboot junos-install-ex92xx-x86-64-17.3R2.tgz for EX Series Ethernet switces. For more details about adding system software, see the Junos Installation and Configuration Guide.