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Downloading Software Packages from Juniper Networks


You can download the following Junos OS software packages for EX Series switches from the Juniper Networks website:

  • Junos OS for EX2300 and EX3400 switches, Release 19.1R2

Before you begin to download the software, ensure that you have a Juniper Networks Web account and a valid support contract. To obtain an account, complete the registration form at the Juniper Networks website:

To download software packages from Juniper Networks:

  1. Using a Web browser, follow the links to the download URL on the Juniper Networks webpage.

  2. Log in to the Juniper Networks authentication system using the username (generally your e-mail address) and password supplied by Juniper Networks representatives.
  3. Select the software package that you want to download. You can select software that supports a specific platform or technology.:
    • For Junos OS package, ensure that the name contains the correct switch name and Junos OS release.

      For EX2300 and EX3400, the image is junos-arm-32-19.1R2.8.tgz.

  4. The hash values/checksum for the image junos-arm-32-19.1R2.8.tgz is available at
  5. Download the software to a local host or to an internal software distribution site.
  6. Compute the hash locally for the downloaded file.
  7. Manually compare the published hash value with a hash value computed over the downloaded file
  8. If the hash values match, the administrator should proceed with the installation. If the values do not match, the update should be discarded and the administrator should contact Juniper Networks.
  9. Install the Junos OS. See Installing Software on an EX Series devices with a Single Routing Engine .