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Configuring SSH on the Evaluated Configuration


SSH is an allowed remote management interface in the evaluated configuration. This topic describes how to configure SSH on the device.

  • Before you begin, log in with your root account on the device.

To configure SSH on the device:

  1. Specify the permissible SSH host-key algorithms for the system services.
  2. Specify the SSH key-exchange for Diffie-Hellman keys for the system services.
  3. Specify all the permissible message authentication code algorithms for SSHv2.
  4. Specify the ciphers allowed for protocol version 2.

    The commands edit system services ssh ciphers aes192-ctr and edit system services ssh ciphers aes192-cbc are supported only in FIPS.

Supported SSH hostkey algorithm:

Supported SSH key-exchange algorithm:

Supported MAC algorithm:

Supported SSH ciphers algorithm:


aes192-cbc and aes192-ctr SSH cipher algorithms are supported only in FIPS.