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Downloading Software Packages from Juniper Networks


You can download the following Junos OS software packages for EX Series switches and QFX Series switches from the Juniper Networks website:

  • Junos OS for EX Series switches, Release 18.1R1

  • Junos OS for QFX Series switches, Release 18.1R1

Before you begin to download the software, ensure that you have a Juniper Networks Web account and a valid support contract. To obtain an account, complete the registration form at the Juniper Networks website:


For EX4600 and QFX5100, FIPS is supported only on non-flex image. You have to upgrade to the non-flex image to enable FIPS mode.

To download software packages from Juniper Networks:

  1. Using a Web browser, follow the links to the download URL on the Juniper Networks webpage.

  2. Log in to the Juniper Networks authentication system using the username (generally your e-mail address) and password supplied by Juniper Networks representatives.
  3. Select the software package that you want to download. You can select software that supports a specific platform or technology.:
    • For Junos OS package, ensure that the name contains the correct switch name and Junos OS release.

      For EX4300, jinstall-ex-4300-18.1R1-signed.tgz.

  4. Download the software to a local host or to an internal software distribution site.
  5. Install the Junos OS. See Installing Software on an EX Series and QFX Series devices with a Single Routing Engine .