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Network Diagnostics Menu Option


Navigate to Help > Network Diagnostics as shown in Figure 1 to conduct network tests or test internet availability. Juniper Secure Connect supports both PING to an IP address in the Internet as well as resolution of an Internet Domain Name to an IP address. Enter the domain name in format.

Figure 1: Network Diagnostics Menu Option
 Network Diagnostics Menu

Figure 2 shows an example how to test the availability of a host in a network.

Figure 2: Test Internet Connectivity
 Test Internet Connectivity

To conduct network test:

  1. Enter the address and click the Test button.
  2. If the test is successful, the Network Diagnostics window displays a green tick symbol and if the test fails, the Network Diagnostics window displays a red cross symbol. Additional details are displayed in a clear text log. This test is particularly useful for testing firewall rules for DNS requests and outgoing connections to the internet.