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Logbook Menu Option


The log is continuously active in the background, even if the log window is not open. All the relevant Juniper Secure Connect communication events are displayed and saved for one week per operation day, in a log file. The files older than seven online days are automatically deleted. The log file is generated automatically in the installation directory under log folder when the communication process is completed. The log file is named in ncpyymmdd.log format, where yy=year, mm=month, dd=date. You can change the storage time for log files in Extended Log Settings option. You can open and analyze the log files using a text editor.

Open the Log windows to view and follow the current log messages. In the log window, you can manually save or search for specific events.

Figure 1 shows the Help menu options with Logbook option selected.

Figure 1: Logbook Menu Option
Logbook Menu Option

Figure 2 shows an example of log messages for a VPN connection when Logbook option is selected from the Help menu.

Figure 2: Displays Log Messages
Displays Log Messages

Table 1 lists options in the Logbook window.

Table 1: Logbook Options and Description

LogBook Option



Closes the Logbook window and saves the log entries in to a file.

When you close the Logbook window, the log information is captured continuously and you can view the latest logs when you open the log file from the Log folder.

Clear Screen

Clears the log entries in the log window.

Show Search

Searches for strings and expressions in the log text.