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Client Info Center Menu Option


Figure 1 shows the Client Info Center in the Help menu options.

Figure 1: Client Info Center Menu Option
Client Info Center Menu Option

The Client Info Center optimizes your support at user helpdesk. The overview provides the following general information:

  • Client Version (including Build Number)

  • Current Connection Status (connected, disconnected, and interrupted due to error)

  • Client Service Status

  • Current Certification Configuration (including Lifespan)

  • VPN User ID

Following additional informations are also displayed:

  • Connections

  • Services

  • Certificate Configuration

  • Network Adapters

Figure 2 shows an example of the Client Info Center window.

Figure 2: Displays Client Info Center
 Displays Client Info

You can click the Save to file button at the bottom of Client Info Center screen to export the data to a text file. Irrespective of Juniper Secure Connect’s operational state, you can also run the can following RWSCMD command to export the information:

rwscmd /writeClientInfoCenterData [OutFileName].