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Certificates Import Menu Option


Certification Authority (CA) (also referred as the Issuer) creates and issues certificates using a PKI manager (software) and stores as a soft certificate. User certificates are stored as a PKCS#12 file (user.p12) in the installation path. CA Root certificates must have a .cer file extension and must be in DER format.

Execute the following command to export the certificate from the SRX Series device:

Following is an example of converting a PEM formated/Base-64 certificate using OpenSSL.

Save the certificates in the application directory using files. On iOS email client, click and hold the certificate file until you see the Save to Files option. Now select Save to Files under Secure Connect folder location.

  1. Open the Juniper Secure Connect application and navigate to Diagnostics > Management > Certificates menu opton.
  2. Click the certificate of your choice to add to the iOS keychain. Figure 1 shows an example for successful importing of the certificates.
    Figure 1: Certificate Import Completed
    Certificate Import Completed

    When the certificates have been imported into keychain, you can optionally view them under Diagnostics > Information > Certificates. At this page, you can also delete all imported certificates from the keychain by click on Delete Certificate Profiles.

    We also recommend you to remove your user certificate from the local directory to secure the certificate.

  3. After import, you can view the imported certificates (in keychain) by choosing Diagnostics > Information > Certificates menu option.