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Check Junos OS Logs


You must configure syslog to save the syslog file on your device. Currently, J-Web does not support structured logs. Only unstructured logs are supported.

Depending on the syslog format (for structured logs) you configure in the system, you might not find the log messages under Monitor > Events > System. Because of this, we recommend that you download the "messages" file from Device Administration > Operations > Files and search for the event.

For the unstructured logs (in J-Web), to find information about the success or failure of authentication:

  • For a Juniper Secure Connect application configuration download, search for "REMOTE_ACCESS".

  • For a VPN connection, search for "KMD_".

Following is the result of "REMOTE_ACCESS" search:

Figure 1: "REMOTE_ACCESS" Search Results
"REMOTE_ACCESS" Search Results

By default, J-Web displays warning and error messages. If you want to view info level messages, change the syslog configuration using CLI. Table 1 lists the supported log levels:

Table 1: Syslog Severity Levels

Log severity Level



Indicates conditions that require immediate correction, such as a corrupted system database.


Indicates all log levels.


Indicates critical conditions, such as hard drive errors.


Indicates system panic or other conditions that cause the routing platform to stop functioning.


Indicates standard error conditions.


Only informational messages.


No messages.


Indicates conditions that should be handled specially.


Indicates conditions that warrant monitoring.

You can view the stream (traffic or routing engine) logs by navigating to Monitor > Events > IPsec VPN page.