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View Certificates Menu Option


Certification Authority (CA) (also referred as the Issuer) creates and issues certificates using a PKI manager (software) and stores as a soft certificate.

User and CA certificates are stored in the following directory locations:

  • User certificates are stored as a PKCS#12 file in /Library/Application Support/Juniper/SecureConnect/certs folder location, like /Library/Application Support/Juniper/SecureConnect/certs/user.p12.

  • CA or issuer certificates are stored in /Library/Application Support/Juniper/SecureConnect/cacerts folder location.

Juniper Secure Connect supports *.pem and *.crt formats for CA certificates.

Navigate to Connection > Certificates and select View Certificates as shown in Figure 1 to view certificates related menu options.

Figure 1: Certificates Menu Option
 Certificates Menu Option

Figure 2 shows an example of CA certificates window, after selecting Display CA Certificates option from the Certificates menu.

Figure 2: View Certificates
View Certificates