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What Is Juniper Secure Connect?


With today’s modern, distributed workforce, organizations need to keep remote users connected and productive while ensuring business continuity and security. Organizations need to provide endpoint protection as part of a comprehensive and connected security strategy.

Juniper Secure Connect is a client-based SSL-VPN application that allows you to securely connect and access protected resources on your network. This application helps you to quickly achieve dynamic, flexible, and adaptable connectivity from devices anywhere across the globe.

Juniper Secure Connect is a GUI-based easy-to-use solution where you can establish a secure VPN tunnel. Juniper Secure Connect authenticates a user based on credentials, such as user name and password. Once authenticated, Juniper Secure Connect application allows remote users to establish a secure VPN connection. Juniper Secure Connect autosenses the connectivity path to provide you with optimal connectivity. All the required configurations are downloaded automatically over an secure and encrypted channel when you connect.

Benefits of Juniper Secure Connect

  • Secure remote access from anywhere with VPN

  • Simple user experience

To complete the setup of Juniper Secure Connect application, your system administrator must first configure remote access on the SRX Series device. After the remote access is configured, when you connect to the SRX Series device using the Juniper Secure Connect application, all the required configurations are downloaded automatically. See Juniper Secure Connect Administrator Guide for more details.

Table 1 lists the versions of operating systems that support the installation of the Juniper Secure Connect application.

Table 1: Operating Systems That Support Installation of Juniper Secure Connect Application

Operating System

Supported Version


Windows 10

Note: Windows 7 and Windows 8.x have reached Microsoft Mainstream End of Support. Using the Juniper Secure Connect application on these Windows versions has not been qualified by Juniper and may lead to unexpected results.


macOS 10.14 Mojave, macOS 10.15 Catalina, and macOS 11 Big Sur (x86 and ARM)


Android 6 and above


iOS 12 and above

You need an active SRX-based license to use Juniper Secure Connect. By default, each SRX Series device includes two built-in concurrent user licenses. You must purchase and install a license for additional concurrent users. Contact your Juniper Networks representative for remote-access licensing. To understand more about Juniper Secure Connect licenses, see Licenses for Juniper Secure Connect and Managing Licenses.