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Connect Menu Option

  1. You must first define and select a profile to establish a connection for that profile. Click on the Connection Profile dropdown list and select a profile for which you want to establish a connection.
  2. Click the Connection toggle button to establish connection manually to the destination system. You can also select Connection > Connect from the menu bar to manually establish a VPN connection as shown in Figure 2.Warning

    If the following the warning message is displayed, your application is missing the CA certificate from the VPN gateway (SRX Series device). If you are a remote user, contact your IT organization for appropriate action. If you are a system administrator, place the cacerts in the respective location for the platform.

    Figure 1 is a sample warning message on macOS platform when CA certificate is not present.

    Figure 1: Sample Certificate Warning Message on macOS Platform
     Sample Certificate
Warning Message on macOS Platform
  3. To disconnect the existing connection, go to Connection > Disconnect, or use the Connection toggle button.
Figure 2: Connection Menu
Connection Menu