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Resolved Issues


This section lists limitations that are resolved with this release.

  • JUKE-527 Mounting storage folder on local node—The storage folder is mounted on the local node (on-prem node) using wrong permissions.

    This issue is resolved.

  • JUKE-671 Unable to create persistent storage—Users cannot add and manage cloud storage if they are not part of the admin group.

    This issue is fixed by altering group permissions in order to allow users who are part of the standard group to be able to create and manage cloud storage.

  • JUKE-664 Error message when accessing group permissions—When an admin user clicks Update on the Group Permissions page, a permission error message is displayed and the user cannot update any group information.

    This issue is resolved.

    Reviewer: Is Update a button on the UI?
  • JUKE-667 Marketplace access permission—When a user group has access to marketplace but does not have access to the available compute resources, clicking Marketplace will render an error message.

    Reviewer: Is Juke-667 issue fixed? If not, it will have to be moved to the Known Issues section.
  • JUKE-670 Workload access permission—When a user group has permissions to access workloads but the user group does not have any node available, clicking Add Workload redirects the user to a 403 Forbidden error page.

    This issue is fixed by redirecting the user to a page with a user-friendly error message.

    Reviewer: Issue Juke-670 does not seem to be resolved. I am not sure if rewording the error message counts as a fix. Please confirm if this must be added to the Known Issues section.
  • JUKE-674 GCP node is displayed on the UI after deleting GCP cloud node—GCP node is displayed on the Juke Multicloud UI even after deleting the GCP cloud node. Also, when the cloud node is deleted, the computes under the cloud node is also deleted.

    Reviewer: Juke-674 does not have a fix. Please confirm if this should be moved under known issues.
  • Juke-675 User group access to cloud region page—All user groups can access the cloud region page and can update or delete region information for all the other user groups.

    This issue is fixed with the introduction of RBAC. RBAC functionality limits user groups from accessing all cloud regions and provides a user group access to a cloud region only with the required group permissions.

  • Juke-556 Redirecting a user to the wrong index page—When you create a new user group, you are directed to the Users tab instead of the Group tab when the web page is reloaded.

    This issue is resolved.