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Configuration Source Management


You use Configuration Source Management to configure credentials, add or discover devices, view device configurations, and back up device configurations in JSA Risk Manager.

The data that is obtained from devices in your network is used to populate the topology. You must have administrative privileges to access Configuration Source Management functions from the Admin tab in JSA.

To set up your configuration sources, you must:

  1. Configure your Credentials.

  2. Discover or import devices. There are two ways to add network devices to JSA Risk Manager; discover devices using Configuration Source ManagementAdministrators use Discover Devices to determine the type of device. or Import Devices into JSA Risk Manager from a CSV file using Device Import.

  3. Obtaining Device Configuration from each of your devices.

  4. Manage Backup Jobs to ensure that all updates to device configurations are captured.

  5. Set up the Configuring the Discovery Schedule to ensure that new devices are automatically discovered.

You use Configuration Source Management to:

If you are using the Juniper NSM device, you must also obtain configuration information.

For detailed information about adapters used to communicate with devices from specific manufacturers, see Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager Adapter Configuration Guide .