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NMap Scanner Overview


JSA uses SSH to communicate with the NMap server to either start remote NMap scans or download the completed NMap scan results.


Although there is an NMap binary on each JSA host, it is reserved for internal JSA use only. Configuring an NMap vulnerability scanner to use a JSA console or JSA managed host as the remote NMap scanner is not supported and can cause instabilities.

When administrators configure an NMap scan, a specific NMap user account can be created for the JSA system. A unique user account ensures that JSA possesses the credentials that are required to log in and communicate with the NMap server. After the user account creation is complete, administrators can test the connection from JSA to the NMap client with SSH to verify the user credentials. This test ensures that each system can communicate before the system attempt to download vulnerability scan data or start a live scan.

The following options are available for data collection of vulnerability information from NMap scanners: