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What's New for Developers in RESTful APIs in JSA 7.4.0


JSA 7.4.0 introduces version 13.0 of the API endpoints.

New and Updated Endpoints

JSA 7.4.0 introduces new endpoints and updates to existing endpoints

Use the interactive API documentation page to access technical details for the RESTful APIs and experiment with making API requests to your server.

  1. To access the interactive API documentation interface, enter the following URL in your web browser:


  2. Click the arrow icon beside the API version you want to use.

  3. Go to the endpoint that you want to access.

  4. Read the endpoint documentation and complete the request parameters.

  5. Click Try it out to send the API request to your console and receive a properly formatted HTTPS response.


    When you click Try it out, the action is performed on the JSA system. Not all actions can be reversed, for example, you cannot reopen an offense after you close it.

  6. Review and gather the information that you need to integrate with JSA.

Deprecated Endpoints

All version 11.0 API endpoints are marked as deprecated in JSA 7.4.0.

Although deprecated endpoints continue to function, they will be removed in a future release. You must update your integration to use the most recent version of the JSA RESTful API. Responses to deprecated endpoint requests include a Deprecated response header.