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Adding a Destination to the WinCollect Configuration Console


Add an JSA instance as a destination for WinCollect data.

  1. In the WinCollect Configuration Console, expand the Destinations parameter.
  2. Right-click the Syslog TCP or Syslog UDP parameter, depending upon which destination type you want to add, and click Add New Destination.
  3. In the New Destination Name box, add a name for the destination. Click OK.Note

    It is helpful to provide a destination name that includes the IP address, such as "JSAEPI_198.x.x.x". If you have to edit the log source and change a destination in the future, you can determine the IP address for the destination.

  4. Expand Syslog TCP or Syslog UDP, and select the destination that you added to view the Properties window.
  5. Define the Name, Hostname, Port, and Throttle for the new destination.
  6. Click Deploy Changes under Actions.