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New features and enhancements in JSA 7.3.0


JSA 7.3.0 introduces new capabilities for users in a multi-tenant environment.

Tenant Users Can Create Custom Properties

You can create custom properties to extract or calculate important information from the event or flow payload without assistance from your Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) administrator. With this capability, you can search, view, and report on data that JSA does not typically normalize and display.

Your MSSP administrator might decide to optimize custom properties that you use frequently in rules and reports.

Custom Event and Flow Properties

Tenant Users Can Create Reference Data Collections

In JSA 2014.8, you can view reference data that is created by your MSSP administrator. Now, in 7.3.0, you can create and manage your own reference data collections without assistance from your MSSP Administrator.

With this capability, you can maintain lists of data that you want to refer to frequently, such as a list of IP addresses or user names, and use the data in JSA searches, filters, rule test conditions, and rule responses. For example, a reference set that contains a list of prohibited URLs can be used to prevent employees from browsing certain websites.

To manage reference data, your MSSP Administrator must assign the Delegated Administration >Manage Reference Data user role to your account.

To learn more about creating and managing reference data collections, see the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.