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What's New for Users in JSA Risk Manager 7.3.3


JSA Risk Manager 7.3.3 introduces IPv6 support for F5 Big-IP and Juniper Networks JUNOS OS adapters.

IPv6 Support for F5 Big-IP and Juniper Networks JUNOS OS Adapters

There are many benefits to using IPv6 on your network. The integrated Internet Control Message Protocol (IPSec) in IPv6 provides greater security, authentication, and data integrity.

IPv6 saves network bandwidth by using multicast to send large packet flows to multiple destinations simultaneously.

IPv6 exponentially increases your IP address capacity. The simplified packet headers that are used by IPv6 provide more efficient packet processing. IPv6 also uses smaller routing tables to make routing more efficient.

Built-in automatic IP address configuration allows hosts to generate their own unique IP addresses. This capability eliminates the need for a DHCP server to assign unique addresses to each device on the network.

For more information about these adapters, see the Supported Adapters section of the Juniper Secure Analytics Risk Manager Adapter Configuration Guide.