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Qualys Scanner Overview


JSA can retrieve vulnerability information from the QualysGuard Host Detection List API or download scan reports directly from a QualysGuard appliance. You can integrate JSA with QualysGuard appliances that use software version 4.7 through 8.1.

Qualys Detection Scanners

Add a Qualys Detection Scanner if you want to use the QualysGuard Host Detection List API to query multiple scan reports to collect vulnerability data for assets. The data that the query returns contains the vulnerabilities as identification numbers, which JSA compares against the most recent Qualys Vulnerability Knowledge Base. The Qualys Detection Scanner does not support live scans, but enables the Qualys Detection Scanner to retrieve vulnerability information aggregated across multiple scan reports. JSA supports key search parameters to filter for the information that you want to collect. You can also configure how frequently JSA retrieves and caches the Qualys Vulnerability Knowledge Base.

Qualys Scanners

Add a Qualys scanner if you want to import specific live or imported reports that include scan or asset data. When you add a Qualys scanner, you can choose from the following collection types:

  • Scheduled live - Scan Report

  • Scheduled Import - Asset Data Report

  • Scheduled Import - Scan Report