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Configuring SafeNet DataSecure to communicate with JSA


Before you can add the DSM for SafeNet DataSecure, enable syslog on your SafeNet DataSecure device.

  1. Log in to the SafeNet DataSecure management console as an administrator with logging access control.
  2. Select Device > Log Configuration.
  3. Select the Rotation & Syslog tab.
  4. Select a log in the Syslog Settings section and click Edit.
  5. Select Enable Syslog.
  6. Configure the following parameters:



    Syslog Server #1 IP

    The IP address or host name of the target JSA. Event Collector.

    Syslog Server #1 Port

    The listening port for JSA. Use Port 514.

    Syslog Server #1 Proto

    JSA can receive syslog messages by using either UDP or TCP.

  7. Optional. Type an IP address port, and protocol for a Syslog Server #2. When two servers are configured, SafeNet DataSecure sends messages to both servers.
  8. Type the Syslog Facility or accept the default value of local1.
  9. Click Save.