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X-Force Data on the Dashboard


The Internet Threat Information Center widget on the Threat and Security Monitoring dashboard uses X-Force data to provide up-to-date advisories on security issues, daily threat assessments, security news, and threat repositories.

The dashboard widget uses an embedded RSS feed to display X-Force data in the dashboard widget. The JSA console must have access to the internet to receive data from the X-Force update server (

The dashboard uses four AlertCon threat level images to provide a visual indicator of the current threat level.

Table 1: AlertCon Threat Levels





Normal threats

Ordinary activity that compromises unprotected networks, minutes to hours after JSA connects to the internet.


Increased vigilance

Vulnerabilities or online threats to computer networks that requires vulnerability assessment and corrective action.


Focused attacks

Specific weakness and vulnerabilities that are the target of internet attacks and require immediate defensive action.


Catastrophic threats

Critical security situations within a network that dictate an immediate and focused defensive action. This condition might be imminent or ongoing.

For more information about the current threat level, click the Learn More link to open the Current Threat Activity page on the Juniper X-Force Exchange website.

To view a summary of the current advisories, click the arrow icon next to the advisory. To investigate the full advisory, click the advisory link.