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Nominum Vantio


The Nominum Vantio DSM for JSA accepts syslog events in Log Extended Event Format (LEEF) forwarded from Nominum Vantio engines that are installed with the Nominum Vantio LEEF Adapter.

JSA accepts all relevant events that are forwarded from Nominum Vantio.

The Vantio LEEF Adapter creates LEEF messages based on Lightweight View Policy (LVP) matches. To generate LVP matches for the Vantio LEEF Adapter to process, you most configure Lightweight Views and the lvp-monitor for the Vantio engine. LVP is an optionally licensed component of the Nominum Vantio product. For more information about configuring LVP, see the Vantio Administrator's Manual.

Before you can integrate Nominum Vantio events with JSA, you must install and configure the Vantio LEEF adapter. To obtain the Vantio LEEF adapter or request additional information, email Nominum at the following address: