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Running Your Application Locally


Rather than packaging and uploading your app every time you change something, you can test it by running it locally in a browser window.

The JSA GUI Application Framework includes a virtual environment that you can use to run your application locally for testing purposes.

If your app uses JSA API endpoints, you must connect to a JSA console instance. You configure the IP address of the JSA console test instance in the console_ip field of the dev_opts object block in your app's manifest.json file.

  1. Run your app locally.
    • To run on Unix or Linux, type the following command:

      qradar_app_creator run -w <path_to_app_folder>/<app_folder_name>

    • To run on Windows, type the following command:

      qradar_app_creator run -w <path_to_app_folder>\<app_folder_name>

  2. Open a browser and type in the address bar. If your browser does not support the URL, type

    Your app is displayed in the browser window, and the application output is sent to the command line or to your terminal.