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Installing the SDK


The JSA Application Framework SDK can be installed on Windows, Linux, or OSX operating system.

The following operating systems versions are supported:

  • Windows 7

  • RHEL 6.6 or 6.7

  • RHEL 7

  • OSX 10.11

The SDK supports only the 64-bit version of Python on Windows.

Before you install the SDK, you must install at least Python version 2.7.9.

The SDK does not support Python 3.0 or later versions.

To find out which version of Python is installed on your JSA instance, use SSH to log in to your JSA Console and use the python -version command. The SDK installation script for Windows is python.exe, which is located in the c:\Python26\ directory.

You can download Python from Python Downloads (

  1. Download and extract the JSA Application Framework SDK archive (.zip file).

    Download the SDK (

  2. Perform the following task:
    • If you are installing on Windows, double-click install.bat to run the installation process. The SDK is installed to the c:\QRadarAppSDK folder.

    • If you are installing on Linux or Unix,

      1. Open a terminal window

      2. Use the cd command to change to the JSAAppSDK folder.

      3. Type the following command:sudo ./

      4. Press Enter

After you install the JSA Application Framework, Creating Your Development Environment.