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Installing the JSA App Editor


Download and install the JSA App Editor from the App Exchange.

You must have an IBM ID to access the App Exchange ( and download the app. You can register for an IBM ID at IBM id registration ( You must have internet access for the app to access other JSA resources such as videos and information when it is installed.


To install the JSA App Editor your installed version of JSA must have Python V2.7, which is available with the following releases:

  • 7.2.8 software update 7 (

  • 7.3.0 software update 2 (

  • 7.3.1 GA (

  1. Download the JSA App Editor extension from the App Exchange (
  2. Open the Admin settings:
    1. In JSA 7.3.0 or earlier, click the Admin tab.

    2. In JSA 7.3.1 and later, click the navigation menu (), and then click Admin to open the admin tab.

  3. Click Extensions Management.
    1. Click Add.

    2. In the Add a New Extension window, click Browse to find the app extension that you downloaded.

    3. Select Install immediately, and then click Add.

    4. Click Install.

      The extension appears in the Extensions Management window after it is installed.

  4. Refresh your browser to see the Develop Applications icon on the Admin tab.