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Developer Options Type


Describes values that you use to develop and test your app locally.

The dev_opts object type is used only for local testing. Parameters in dev_opts blocks are not passed to the JSA Console when you deploy your app.

You use the dev_opts block in the manifest.json file to specify the IP address of a remote JSA Console. If your application uses JSA API endpoints, you can use the dev_opts object to contact the JSA API and test the application locally before you upload to your JSA production instance.

The following table describes the parameters of the Dev_opts block:

Table 1: Dev_opts Block Fields








The IP address of the remote JSA console that contacts the API endpoints that your app uses.

The following code is a sample dev_opts block from the manifest.json file:

... "dev_opts": [ { "console_ip":"", } ], ...

When you run your app, you are prompted for your JSA user name and password. You can also store those credentials for your local development. Credentials are stored in clear text in the <USER_HOME>/.qradar_appfw.auth file on Unix and Linux, and in the C:\Users\<USER_HOME>\.qradar_appfw.auth file on Windows.