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Application Globalization


Globalization refers to implementing multi-language support for your app that is built into the application without the need for further engineering efforts.

Consider two aspects when you globalize your app:

  • Globalization of JSA specific elements such as tab labels, toolbar button text, and tooltip content.

  • Globalization of application-specific content

Globalization Of JSA Specific Elements

JSA elements are object types that can be defined in the application manifest.json file.

Globalization of JSA elements includes the use of translated keys that are injected into your app's manifest.json, and ingested into the JSA globalization store.

Globalization Of Application-specific Content

The GUI Application Framework does not support any single pre-defined globalization approach nor does it provide an implementation stack for app developers to use for globalization. You can use common Flask and python packages and approaches to globalize your application-specific content.