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    What's New When You Upgrade to JSA 7.3.0

    JSA 7.3.0 introduces a shared license pool for managing EPS and FPM, and now uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) V7.3.

    Note: There is a change in the representation of releases for JSA releases later than JSA 2014.8. Starting with JSA 7.3.0, JSA releases are represented as 7.x.x releases. There is no change in the representation of JSA Releases 2014.1 through 2014.8.

    Note: You are recommended to apply JSA 7.3.0 patch 6 interim fix 01, if you are on JSA 7.3.0 patch 6. See JSA 7.3.0 patch 6 Interim Fix 01 patch release notes for details.

    Shared License Pool

    You can adapt to workload changes by distributing events per second (EPS) and flows per minute (FPM) to any host in your deployment, regardless of which appliance the license is allocated to.

    For example, you have a JSA 2014.8 distributed deployment that has two event processors, one with 7,500 EPS and the other with 15,000 EPS. When you upgrade to JSA 7.3.0, each processor maintains the pre-upgrade EPS allocations, but the combined 22,500 EPS become part of the shared license pool. When the data volumes for the event processors change, or when you add a managed host, you can redistribute the EPS capacity.

    For more information about managing the shared license pool, see the License Management chapter in the Juniper Secure Analytics Administration Guide.

    RHEL V7.3 Benefits

    RHEL V7.3 makes JSA more secure. RHEL V7.3 also supports Logical Volume Management (LVM), which provides flexible and advanced disk partitioning. With LVM, you can create partitions, resize them, and aggregate clusters of storage together.

    For example, you have a JSA All-In-One virtual appliance. You need more local disk space so that you can store events for a longer time. You can add another disk to extend the /store partition.

    Modified: 2017-12-11