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Memory and Disk Space Requirements


Before you upgrade, ensure that JSA meets the minimum or suggested memory and disk space requirements.

JSA Memory Requirements

The following table describes the minimum and suggested memory requirements for JSA appliances. The minimum memory requirement defines the amount of memory that is required by the software features. The suggested memory requirements include the amount of memory that is required by the current software features and extra memory for possible future capabilities. Appliances that have less than the suggested appliance memory might experience performance issues during periods of excessive event and flow traffic.

Table 1: Minimum and Optional Memory Requirements for JSA Appliances


Minimum memory requirement

Suggested memory requirement

Flow Collector Virtual without JSA Vulnerability Scanner

2 GB

2 GB

Flow Collector Virtual with JSA Vulnerability Scanner

6 GB

6 GB

JSA Event Collector/ Processor Virtual

12 GB

48 GB

JSA Flow Processor Virtual

12 GB

48 GB

JSA SIEM Virtual

24 GB

48 GB

Other Memory Requirements

If the following conditions are met, extra memory requirements might be required:

  • If you plan to enable payload indexing, your system requires a minimum of 24 GB of memory. However, 48 GB of memory is suggested.

Disk Space Requirements

Before you upgrade to JSA 7.3.1, ensure that the total size of the primary disk is at least 130 gigabytes (GB).

The upgrade pretest determines whether a partition includes enough free space to complete an upgrade. Before you can upgrade, you must free up sufficient disk space on the partition that is defined in the pretest error message.