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Export and Import Policy Monitor Questions


Users with administrative privileges can export and import Policy Monitor questions.

Exporting and importing questions provides a method to back up questions and share questions with other JSA Risk Manager users.

Restrictions for Sensitive Information

Sensitive company or policy information might be included in dependencies. When you export or import Policy Monitor questions, the sensitive data contained in the dependencies is not included.

Policy monitor questions might contain the following types of dependencies:

  • Asset building blocks

  • Asset saved searches

  • Networks

  • Remote network locations

  • Geographic network locations

  • Reference sets

Before you export questions that have dependencies, you might choose to provide more context about the type of information that is contained in the dependency. Providing this information allows other users to understand what type of information to reference when they import the question in their Policy Monitor.

Exporting Policy Monitor Questions

You can export one or more of your policy monitor questions to an XML file. Exporting policy monitor questions is useful for backing up your questions or for sharing questions with other users.

If any policy monitor questions contain dependencies, then you can provide more context about the type of information that is contained in the dependency.

The default XML file name for the exported questions is policy_monitor_questions_export.xml.

  1. On the Risks tab, click Policy Monitor.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    • To export all questions, from the Actions menu, select Export All.

    • To export specific questions, press the Ctrl key to select each question that you want to export, and then from the Actions menu, select Export Selected.

  3. If any questions contain dependencies, click the parameter link to type more specific information. The maximum character length for this field is 255.
  4. Click Export Questions.

A default file, called policy_monitor_questions_export.xml, is exported to your download directory.

Importing Policy Monitor Questions

Import one or more policy monitor questions to JSA Risk Manager.

The import process does not update existing questions. Each question that is imported becomes a new question in policy monitor. A time stamp is added to all imported questions.

If an imported question contains a dependency, a warning is displayed in the Status column . Imported questions with dependencies contain parameters with no values. To ensure that imported policy monitor questions work as expected, you must enter values for the parameters.

  1. On the Risks tab, click Policy Monitor.
  2. From the Actions menu, select Import.
  3. Click Choose File, and then browse to select the XML file that you want to import.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Select one or more groups to assign the question to a group.
  6. Click Import Question.
  7. Check the Status column for warnings. If a question contains a warning, open the question and edit the dependent parameters. Save the question when you update parameters.

Monitoring is not enabled on imported questions. You can create an eventMonitor the results of policy monitor questions and configure the generation of events when the results of the monitored policy monitor questions change. You can set the policy evaluation interval, and configure events to send notifications. to monitor results of questions that were imported.