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What's New for the Application Framework in JSA 7.3.1


JSA 7.3.1 introduces new features and enhancements.

Enhancing Security by Using OAuth Authorization

Now you can use the OAuth authorization protocol in your apps to authorize apps to access JSA resources. Enhance the security of your apps by using the App Authorization Manager that provides the capability to edit or delete existing OAuth authorization tokens.

By using OAuth authorization for apps, you have secure control over the token that is issued for the app to use by changing assigned users for the OAuth authorization token, and you can delete it when it's not being used.

OAuth App Authorization with JSA

Important API Changes That Impact Ariel Endpoints

Some JSA apps might be affected by the API change.

In JSA 2014.8 and 7.3.0, the JSON response data that is returned in /ariel/searches/{search_id]/results displays "string" values regardless of the actual JSON data type.

For example, "starttime": "1502316123888"

"sourceport": "80"

"qid": "38750003"

Boolean data types are returned as "true" or "false" (marked with double quotation marks).

In JSA 7.3.1, JSON results data for numeric values and Boolean data types is returned as proper JSON types.

For example,

"starttime": 1502316123888,

"sourceport": 80

"qid": 38750003

Boolean data types are returned as true or false (without double quotation marks).