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Accessing a GLOBALVIEW Database


Use the JSA REST API documentation interface to get the GLOBALVIEW database results for a given saved search name and time range. The type of data contained in the database results corresponds to the type of saved search queried.

  1. Find a saved search.
    1. On the navigation menu (), click Admin to open the admin tab.

    2. In the System Configuration section, click Aggregated Data Management.

    3. Under the Saved Search Name column, record a saved search name from the list.

  2. Query the JSA REST API to find a search ID.
    1. Log in to the JSA API, https://<Console IP>/api_doc, as an administrator.

    2. Click the most recent version of the JSA API.

    3. Click the /ariel/searches endpoint.

    4. Click POST.

    5. In the query_expression parameter field, type the following command: select * from GLOBALVIEW('savedsearch','timerange')

      Use one of the following values for the timerange variable:


      The following example shows query for Top Log Sources with a time range of the last two days:

      select * from GLOBALVIEW('Top Log Sources','DAILY') last 2 days

    6. Click Try It Out!

    7. Copy the search ID from the response body.

  3. Get the search results.
    1. From the /ariel/searches/search{id}/results endpoint, click GET.

    2. In the search_id parameter field, enter the search ID.

    3. Click Try It Out!.

    4. Ensure that the search successfully completes.

    5. Get the database results from the response body.