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Upgrades in HA Deployments


If you upgrade JSA in high-availability (HA) deployments, the primary host must be the active system in your deployment. If the primary system is the active system and the secondary system is in standby mode, the upgrade is automatically applied to the associated secondary system.

If the HA cluster is disconnected, or you want to add a new secondary HA host, you must reinstall JSA on the secondary HA. For more information about reinstalling software, see the Installation Guide for your system. After you reinstall the secondary HA host, log in to the user interface to reconnect or to create a new HA cluster.


Disk replication and failover are disabled until the primary and secondary hosts synchronize and the needs upgrade or failed status is cleared from the secondary host.

After you upgrade the secondary host, you might be required to restore the configuration of the secondary host. For more information about restoring a failed host, see the Administration Guide for your product.