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Software Version Requirements for Upgrades


To ensure that JSA upgrades without errors, ensure that you use only the supported versions of JSA software.

Ensure that the following software requirements are met:

  • JSA version 2014.4r1 or later must be installed.

    You can check the software version in the software by clicking Help >About.


    Software versions for all JSA appliances in a deployment must be same version and fix level. Deployments that use different JSA versions of software are not supported.

Upgrade Paths

There are a number of upgrade paths to get to the most current version of JSA. The upgrade path depends on the version of JSA that is installed.

Applying Patch Before You Upgrade

Before you upgrade, you can apply patch to your existing software. Download the patch from Juniper Customer Support and follow the instructions in the release notes document to install it.

JSA is pre-configured for automatic, weekly updates. You can view the pending updates in the Auto Update window on the Admin tab.

Single Step and Multiple Step Upgrade Paths

For some JSA software versions, you can upgrade directly to the most current JSA version. To upgrade to JSA version 2014.8 in one step, you must have JSA version 2014.4r1 or later installed. When you upgrade from JSA version 2014.4.r1 or later, pre-tests identify any potential upgrade issues, and you are returned to the software level that you started from if you encounter upgrade errors. Also, in high-availability deployments, the secondary host upgrades before the primary to maximize up-time.

For older versions of JSA, you might be required to upgrade to an interim version before you upgrade to the most current version of JSA.

Use the following table to help you determine your upgrade path and note any special considerations.

Table 1: Supported Upgrade Paths for JSA Products

Current® version

Step 1

Step 2

2014.4 R1 or later

2014.8 R2 or later


2014.1 R1 to 2014.3 R1 or later

2014.4.r1 or later

2014.8 R2 or later

Changing Password After Upgrading to JSA 2014.8

You may encounter a password change prompt when you first log in to JSA after an upgrade to 2014.8 version. This prompt is displayed if the password was set before JSA 2014.5 version and encrypted using an encryption algorithm that is no longer used in JSA 2014.8 version. The prompt displays the following message: You must change or re-encrypt your current local (not external) password.

Figure 1: Password Change Prompt Window
Password Change
Prompt Window

The password encryption algorithm that is used with JSA was changed in version 2014.5 to better align the product with current security standards. To comply with the current encryption mechanism, JSA requires you to set passwords in older versions and encrypted using outdated encryption standards to be changed or re-encrypted after an upgrade to JSA version 2014.8. You can update your password using one of the following ways:

  • Using Change Password Prompt

    A user can complete the On-screen password change form that is displayed when first logging in after the upgrade.

  • Using User Management Screen

    An admin user can change the password for any users from the User Interface (UI) using the following steps:

    1. Go to Admin> User Management> Users.

    2. Select the required user from the list.

    3. Click Edit.

    4. Enter the new password for the user in the User Details pane.

      Figure 2: User Details Pane
      User Details Pane
    5. Click Save.