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The following features are new in Juniper Identity Management Service Release 1.3.0:

  • JIMS Identity Server—Starting in JIMS Release 1.3.0, a new component, JIMS Identity Server provides an interface between user firewall functionality on SRX Series device and JIMS. JIMS Identity Server allows SRX Series device to validate domains, groups, users, and devices with the help of the JUNOS CLI. From this release, JIMS Identity Server is the default identity client.

    [See Configuring JIMS Identity Server.]

  • Full UPN User Name Support—Starting in JIMS Release 1.3.0, JIMS receives and process the User Principle Name (UPN) from Active Directory, and has a new Global configuration setting to pass that UPN to SRX Series device. Navigate to Settings>General>Global Configuration and select the Pass UPN (requires JIMS restart) checkbox to enable this new feature.

    [See Full UPN User Name Support.]

  • Distinguished Name (DN) Filter for Active directory—Starting in JIMS Release 1.3.0, JIMS can avoid an entire domain with the help of a new feature Distinguished Name (DN) exclusion filter. DN filter is a list of regular expressions, such as .*DC=Domain, DC=Com.*. Navigate to Settings>DN Filters to add, delete, or edit the DN Filters regular expression such as .*DC=Domain, DC=com.* :

    [See Distinguished Name (DN) Filter for Active directory.]