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Known Issues


This section lists the known issues in Juniper Identity Management Service in JIMS Release 1.3.0.

  • Pass UPN function does not work properly when you enable Pass UPN in the Windows AD and there are two conflicting users, for example, jims-dom1.local\user1 has UPN user2@jims-dom1.local, and jims-dom1.local\user2 has UPN user1@jims-dom1.local. PR1519059

  • There are some side effects of using DN filter. If you are matching at the OU level using DN Filters, and you want to move a user from an OU that is not filtered to an OU that is filtered out, when you move the user, the cached user remains in the first group as the user update will be suppressed by the filter. Future group updates will drop the user from those groups. Restarting the JIMS service will reset the mapping. If there is a use case where filtering on OU is critical and moving from one OU to another is common, please raise a request through your Juniper Account Team or Sales Engineer. PR1518531