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Resolved Issues


This section lists the resolved issues in Juniper Identity Management Service Release in JIMS Release 1.2.0.

  • You may not be able to log in the Active Directory domain controllers and the servers on which JIMS sever is installed and running, when you set the LAN manager authentication network security level to MTLMv2 Only. Reject NTLM and LM. You must set the LAN manager authentication network security level to lower than the max level to log in the domain controllers and servers. PR1461882

  • Modifying the client ID or client secret on JIMS causes the JIMS connection status showing as invalid credentials even the client ID or client secret on SRX Series device is changed to the same. Restart the JIMS service to recover the connection with the SRX Series device. PR1400224

  • When a new group is added to the Active Directory, the filtering calculation is done after the sessions for the initial users in the group are updated causing SRX Series device to see the newly added group transiently depending on how long the batch query rate is set. Starting in JIMS Release 1.2.0, the filter is checked when the group is created before the sessions are updated the first time. PR1416529

  • Starting in JIMS Release 1.2.0, JIMS supports OpenSSL version 1.0.2-r, which is licensed under the OpenSSL license as well as the original SSLeay license. PR1432282

  • By default, JIMS disables the tcp keep-alive for the syslog sources which result in new connections being refused. You can enable the tcp keep-alive to accept the new tcp connections from the syslog source. PR1463528

  • The syslog_all file takes lot of hard disk space causing JIMS to refuse the connections from the source. Starting with JIMS Release 1.2.0, the log levels are reset to the default. PR1470340