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Known Issues


This section lists the known issues in Juniper Identity Management Service in JIMS Release 1.2.0.

  • Avoid importing the configuration while JIMS has user info sources in the learning state. The Microsoft library generates a core when interrupted, which will emerge as an error in the administrator GUI and to restart JIMS. You must import the configuration after JIMS is restarted and not in the learning state. PR1469305

  • After you delete a user info source, the info source status shows the deleted user info source as reconnecting. You must wait until the user info source gets deleted in the status or restart the JIMS server. PR1411436

  • Active session counter do not change when the sessions are logged off or expired. JIMS takes some time to reflect the active session counter go down after the logoff or expired. PR1459742

  • You must restart the JIMS server after you change the IP address associated with a client entry to subsequently ignore those entries. PR1468857

  • Due to the nature of efficient writing to files on windows, results returned via the GUI syslog regular expression test button may not contain the latest results. PR1472064

  • When syslog message triggers Per Session Group Mask, a group is masked and forced back with two of the same group sent to the SRX Series device. PR1454890