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Resolved Issues


This section lists the resolved issues in Juniper Identity Management Service Release in JIMS Release 1.2.1.

  • JIMS may return invalid results or exhibit erroneous behavior when subgroups are marked disabled using a group filter. This issue is fixed in this release. PR1479290

  • JIMS does not handle compound usernames in events and (usually) ignores unknown parts to match the appropriate user in order to deliver consistent information to the SRX. To obtain detailed instructions on how to integrate with systems that use compound usernames that may contain three or more of a Domain, a SamAccountName, a upn prefix and a upn suffix in syslog events, contact JTAC or your Sales Engineering resources. PR1496888

  • JIMS may continuously crash and restart due to attempting to process incomplete groups. This issue is fixed in this release. PR1507904

  • JIMS generates a certificate which Active Directory Directory Services with LDAPs enabled, utilizes incorrectly. Refer to KB35895 to address the issue. PR1514808

  • Due to conflicts with some localized versions of Windows Server, the JIMS installer no longer uses the string “BUILTIN\users” when setting the ACLs on the log and cwd directories, but uses the SID syntax “*S-1-5-32-545”. PR1513799