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Creating a Development Sandbox


The two example applications you can include in your sandbox are echoclient and echoserver.

First, set up the virtual machine (VM) on your system. See Downloading the Packages You Need section in Setting Up the JET Virtual Machine. Once the VM is set up, the following tools are pre-installed and available for use:

  • Supporting files and libraries

  • Toolchain

  • JET IDL client package

Now you are ready to create the development sandbox in the VM and start developing applications.

To create a development sandbox:

  1. In the VM, go to the /home/vagrant directory.
  2. If you have not already done so, set your PATH variable.

    For details, see Setting the PATH Environment Variable .

  3. Create a sandbox by using the mksb command, for example:
    vagrant@jet-vm:~$ mksb -n mysandbox

    where mysandbox is the name of the sandbox.


    You can also check out an example application, for example,

    where echoclient is an example application. The source code and makefiles of echoclient are also checked out.

You are now ready to start developing an application for a specific language.