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Building and Creating a JET Application Package Without Using an IDE


After development of the application is complete and all the makefiles and manifest file are ready, the application can be built and packaged.

To build the JET application package:

  1. In the directory in which you keep your sandboxes, use the workon command to go into your sandbox.
  2. (Optional) Test individual pieces of the application by going to subdirectories and running mk-i386.
  3. Build the entire package.
    1. Return to the src directory ($SB/src).
    2. Run the mk-i386 package-name command, where package-name is the "app-name" from the JSON file.

      For more on the JSON file, see JSON File Format for JET Application Packaging.

  4. Verify the package is in the $SB/junos-jet-sb-obj/ship/ directory.
    vagrant@jet-vm:~/sandbox-name/src$cd /home/vagrant/sandbox-name/junos-jet-sb-obj/ship
    vagrant@jet-vm:~/sandbox-name/junos-jet-sb-obj/ship$ ls

    For example, if your application is called demo, you would see the following files: