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    JET Service APIs Overview

    The JET Service APIs provide access to the control plane on the device and a management interface to run operational and configuration commands.

    BGP Service API

    The BGP Service API allows you to view, add, remove, modify, and monitor BGP static routes.

    Firewall Service API

    The Firewall Service API provides the following firewall and traffic policer interfaces:

    • Add, change, delete, or replace a firewall filter.

    • Bind or unbind a firewall filter to an interface and direction.

    • Add, change, or delete a single-rate two-color policer.

    • Get statistics associated with a firewall filter counter or policer.

    • Clear statistics associated with a firewall filter counter.

    Each of the above operations results in data that is returned from the device as confirmation. Return data can indicate the success or failure of the operation, reason for failure, an output regarding the requested configuration in multiple formats including json, xml, and text.

    Interfaces Service API

    The Interfaces Service API allows you to perform the following interface-related operations on a Junos OS device:

    • Add, delete, or modify physical and logical interfaces.

    • Add, delete, or modify aggregate ethernet (AE) member interfaces

    • Query interface attributes

    • Query interface ownership

    • Query a logical interface to see if it is public (created by CLI)

    • Set interface attributes

    The requests that configure the interface objects are targeted at specific interface hierarchy levels, interface address for example. Because of this, the parent objects, logical and physical interface attributes are not affected by commands targeted at lower levels. When creating objects at lower levels, the parent object attributes can be specified explicitly or left to default values by not specifying them.

    Management Service API

    The Management Service API allows you to perform the following system management operations on a Junos OS device:

    • Commit configuration changes

    • Edit ephemeral database configuration

    • Execute operational mode commands

    • Execute configuration mode commands

    • Get configuration from ephemeral database

    • Log comments on the device regarding commit operations

    MPLS Service API

    The MPLS service API allows you to gather and view information about LDP, RSVP, and VPN type label-switched paths (LSPs) including:

    • MPLS forwarding information

    • LSP ping information

    Programmable Routing Process Common (PRPD Common) API

    The PRPD_Common API provides access to base routing services shared among specific routing protocols. These services include:

    • Network addresses for supported address families.

    • L3 VPN Addresses

    • Route tables by name or ID

    • MPLS label stack entries and operations

    • Route distinguishers

    • Route prefixes

    Programmable Routing Process Service (PRPD) API

    The PRPD Service API provides the ability to get and set the purge timeout for a client connection. The purge timeout setting on the Junos OS device determines how long after client disconnect the configuration data from the client is kept.

    Registration Service API

    The registration service API


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    Modified: 2018-06-21